Characters of Serenity Hill in the Pandemic

Season 1 (watch here)


Judge Richard “Clay” Clayton is a former State Court Justice and a widower.  He has some physical and memory limitations, but not enough to stop him from taking a stand and looking for love. Played by Joe Monaghan

Beatrice Johnson worked as a crime unit assistant and psychic for the police.  She knew a better day and a darker day would come so she pinched her pennies her whole life in order to retire in a residential care home of her choosing.  She still has visions.  Played by Meg Hoover.

John Jackson comes to Serenity Hill in the Pandemic after a second knee operation.  He needs physical rehab but his mind is still sharp. John has never been married.  He’s a good listener who also quotes poetry, lyrics, philosophy and Shakespeare. Played by Richard Morris.

June “Junebug” Jones is a retired baker.  And she still makes a wonderful blueberry pie.  Her husband passed away years ago, and her daughter moved to Hawaii.  To feel less alone, she moved to Serenity Hill.  Now in the Pandemic sometimes she is more isolated than ever.  Played by Joan Arenstein.

Samuel Katz moved to Serenity Hill a few years after the death of his wife Sadie.  He is a musician and comedian, and a father to Allen Katz.  When his memory plays tricks on him, he plays tricks on his memory. Played by Kenny Raskin

Betty Lawson is a Southern lady who marched for civil rights in the 60s and smoked her entire life.  Betty, a widow, comes to Serenity Hill by her own choice for the attentive health care and onsite beautician.  She’s sharp and frugal, and wealthy. Played by Kate Monaghan

Mrs. Liza Taylor has been a resident of Serenity Hill for years, with her recently deceased husband, they were the first black full-time residents of Serenity Hill.  On her own now, she a bit out of sorts now. Hoping for a visit from her son, the nephrologist… or better yet a grandson.  Played by Royal Shiree.


Edwina Franklyn is a Professional Care Nurse in charge of medication at Serenity Hill.  She is on-and-out the drug wagon herself, keeping that mostly hidden.  She is the leader of fun group activities for the residents. Played by  Abena Foreman Trice

Ophelia Harris is the operations and staff manager of Serenity Hill and has been literally living in Serenity Hill’s lockdown since March 13, 2020.  She has 3 children, the oldest of which, Dante, also works at Serenity Hill. Played by Ty Daniels.

Dr. Michael Kline  is the medical director of Serenity Hill.  She is married to Judy Kline. After months of home quarantining, Dr. Kline returns to provide direct medical oversight.  Played by Boomie Pedersen.

Russ Watson was recently transferred from the memory care, and now he offers medical support and physical activity classes for the residents.. In his 20’s he served as a brain trauma nurse in Ira,and worked at the CTE clinic in Walter Reed.  Played by Randy Risher


Edith Berman is sister to Samuel Katz and Ruth Epstein, and Aunt – “favorite Anut” – to Allen Katz.  She is free spriited but constantly engaged in one-upping her 2-minute older twin sister, Ruth.  She loves her brother, Sam, but lives far away.  Played by Kerry Moran.

Andrea Clayton is a young woman who loves and visits her grandfather regularly, even during Covid-19.  She is furloughed and back living with her mother with whom she disagrees on nearly everything. Played by Kiri Gardner

Catherine “Kitty” Clayton is the estranged daughter of Judge Clayton and mother to Andrea.  She thinks the news is fake and loves a good conspiracy theory – she won’t wear a mask and won’t be quarantined. Played by Carol McAvoy.

Dennis Clayton is brother to “The Judge”. He is usually in Memory care we’re he is on watch for dementia, but makes virtual visits to his brother… as best he can.  Played by Tim McNamara

Ruth Epstein is sister to Samuel Katz and Edith Berman, her twin (she’s minute or two older), and also Aunt to Allen Katz.  Ruth lives with her husband Morris and virtually visits Sam to stay in touch.  Played by Geri Schirmer.

Mona Mason is Betty’s sister who lives and Florida and has been a life long smoker.  She is sharp and crass and wonders why anyone would spoil freedom with marriage.  Played by Ann C. Rusk.

Allen Katz, 55, is the only child of Samuel and Sadie Katz.  He has achieved early retirement from a well played market thanks to his mother’s encouragement and knowledge.  He is actively connected to his father’s well-being.  Played by Chris Baumer

Dante Harris is 21, the son of Ophelia and her ex-husband.  He is a well-read, a young poet, a good worker, and a teacher during covid to his younger brother and sister.  He’s become the man of the family but wishes his father was around more often.  Played by Rasheed Robinson

Aurora Jones lives in Hawaii but often chats with her mother, June, in Serenity Hill.  Aurora has converted to Wicca to be a life affirming and positive presence with herself and the world.  Namaste and Aloha.  Played by Michelle James.


David Campt is himself, or rather a fictionalized version of himself in Serenity Hill. With more than 25 years of professional experience, Dr. David Campt (@thedialogueguy)  is considered a national expert in the areas of inclusion and equity, cultural competence, and intergroup dialogue. Played by… well… David Campt

Dee Dee is a psychic and sister to Mrs. Lacey.  Living in Arizona, she has a connection with Samuel Katz which is almost broken. And Dee Dee is friends with Beatrice who shares a sixth sense.  Played by Rosalyn Berne.

Judy Kline is the wife of Dr. Kline.  A former dance and English teacher, she has been suffering from a rare physiologic disorder rendering her near motionless.  While in hospital care for that disorder, she tests positive for CoronaVirus.  Played by Deborah Arenstein.

Mrs. Lacey is a fortune-teller and palm reader.  Friends with Beatrice, Mrs. Lacey makes visits to Serenity Hill for friendship and an occasional plan reading for the wealthier residents.  She takes cash, PayPal and Venmo.  Played by Marcello Rolando.

Stubby Gurly Gurl is a clown who is hired by Beatrice to surprise and delight Liza after the loss of her husband Glen who loved clowns – and was a parttime clown himself.  It’s unclear if Stubby has been outside in months, but claims to perform “the best trick ever!”  Played by Jennifer Peart.

Ernie Williams is a detective after years as a beat patrolman.  His father used to be chief of police and Beatrice thinks Ernie would follow in his footsteps.  He works with Beatrice to uncover a mystery.  Played by Ernest Chambers.