S2,E1 – What Happened

After the finale of Season 1 of Serenity Hill in the Pandemic, Dr. Kline faces off with the local media as word of the happenings in Serenity Hill spreads as fast as the virus. Help

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Serenity Hill In the Pandemic. Season 2, Episode 1

“What Happened”
September, 2020

Written by
Larry Goldstein

Produced by
Hamner Theater and Whole Theatre

Ray Nedzel

Production Manager
Kathleen Mueller

Shannon Montague

Art Director
Kerry Moran

Episode Editor
Kathleen Mueller

Michael Swanberg

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator
Saunder Lynne Boyled

(in order of appearance)

  • Connie Banks … Lottye Lockhart
  • Dr. Michael Kline … Boomie Pedersen
  • Ben Bloom … Daniel Stern
  • Ophelia Harris … Ty Daniels
  • Russ Watson … Randy Risher
  • Eve Landsman … Ronda Hewitt
  • April Burns … Kara McLane Burke
  • Edwina Franklin … Abena Foreman Trice
  • Ellen Evans … Jeannie Goodyear
  • Congressman T. Wyse … Andrew Ward
  • Andrea Clayton … Kiri Gardner
  • Catherine “Kitty” Clayton … Carol McAvoy
  • John Jackson … Richard Morris
  • June Jones … Joan Arenstein
  • Samuel Katz … Kenny Raskin
  • Dee Dee Spirit … Ros Berne
  • Beatrice Johnson … Meg Hoover
  • Mrs. Lacey … Marcello Rolando

Music by
Gina Soble

“Hava Nagila”
performed by 
Kenny Raskin

Special Thanks to

Siochain Foundation
And all our donors

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